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What a nice day.


I got a huge dose of Volkswagen love today. We got to go to the annual VW show. Oh my goodness! I so wish I would have brought my camera. It was really cool sharing this love with my husband, and to a lesser degree my son. Joseph was much more interested in going to the water than looking at cars. It was very hot, so I don’t really blame him. Maybe we should have gone to the water first, but I was afraid that some of the cars would be gone by the time we got to the cars. I did get a great shot of the apparently elusive ‘car cooler’, aka swamp cooler. I have been trying to describe this thing to Dave and another friend of ours for a few weeks. We have considered buying an old bug and they both asked me what I would do in the middle of Alabama’s sweltering summers. That’s when I started trying to describe this thing. I googled everything I could think of to find it, but to no avail. I felt like I was losing my mind, or thought they thought so. I feel vindicated or validated or something, now that I’ve found one and photographed it. I’ve sent the picture to the friend and Dave was with me, so he saw it with his own eyes.

car cooler on VW bug


Better Late then Never


It has taken me two freakin days to get my password straight. sheeesh!

This week we want to… intentionally ‘strew’ more stuff around the house. I actually cleaned off my dining room table, well, then got my sewing kit and machine out. So I guess will have to put it somewhere else. I did reposition a little kids table in the dining room, so he passes it frequently

The kid is…still very excited about Moshi monsters. It really is fun to see him learning so much math-adding and place values. He has also adapted his new card game a little from my attempt to teach him how to play Rummy. His new card game is pretty cool in it’s original form. Seperate red cards from black, minus face cards. Each person picks up 3 cards. (here’s the cool part) You have to add the three cards and the person who has the highest number gets to discard those three and get three more. So he’s learning less than/greater than and adding. I quickly remembered that when we first started homeschooling, he wanted to add three numbers, and I thought it was strange, but interesting.

I am learning…how to make a headband. I really liked how my first one turned out and I’m planning on getting more fabric tomorrow so I can make and sell some. Football season is about to start and a friend of mine suggested last night that I make some with houndstooth fabric. For those of you that may not be into college football, ‘Bear’ Bryant was a legend of a coach for the University of Alabama. He always wore a houndstooth hat and now you can see houndstooth everywhere.

I am struggling with… self confidence. I have had some problems with how I feel people are perceiving me, whether they like me or not. I’ve felt awkward around women from my old cover school. It’s just been weird. This new cover school doesn’t have co-ops, so the opportunities for us to hang out with other families isn’t quite as easy as it was before.

This week is the first time… I met some new homeschoolers that are part of our cover school. We seemed to get along ok. Joseph showed out some, but she seems to be ok. That is actually part of the source for the above mentioned feelings.

So, there ya go. The week in a nutshell. Here is the link to the original ICU

ICU ~ Intensive Care for the Christian Unschooler


It’s that time again.

This week we want to… meet some people from our new cover group – Everest Academy

The kid is…really excited about his new cardboard box creations and the slime we made Monday.

driving his Viking ship. note the 'shields' that he drew on the front and sides to make it Viking.

This was the first box project. He moved in rather quickly.

He has absolutely LOVED this stuff!

I am learning…how to be more engaging with him and looking for things for us to do.  I want to start intentionally strewing things to get his attention and interest.  I think it’s kinda like trolling while you’re fishing. LOL

I am struggling with…being edgier (I seriously doubt that’s how you spell that, but it’s as good as it gets. LOL) lately.  more on edge, maybe that’s better. I’m pretty sure it’s because my hormone levels have plummeted since I’ve been off a certain med.  I just got back on it after about 7-10 days.  I’m figuring it’s gonna take a week or so to level out again.

This week is the first time….we made slime.  It took two batches, but I think it’s good that Joseph sees that it doesn’t go perfectly the first time.

I am grateful…for the ability and opportunity to spend so much time with my son.  Sure there are moments when he drives me up a freakin wall, but that’s normal.  I mean it sure isn’t easy to sacrafice things, but I know that it is soooo worth it, on several levels.

One thing that I’ve changed in the last year is…I can really see a change in the amount of control I feel like I have to have, and that’s pretty huge.  I have always needed to be in control of everything.  I’m not sure I can really put my finger on why or how it has happened, but it is definitely better.  Thank you, Jesus!  He really does deserve the credit for it.

It is official!


We have registered for our new cover school.  It’s an exciting, yet a little nerve raking.  I love meeting new people, but to be completely honest, I’m a little afraid that they won’t like me.  I hate the fear of rejection – rejection of me, rejection of Joseph.  We had a couple of ‘situations’ at our last cover school, personality conflicts.  That’s not why we left at all, and I know that boys will be boys, but it made things rather uncomfortable at times.  I’m sure there are other that don’t always like how their kid (s) act.  I’m just hoping it won’t happen much this year.

I guess we will see what this year hold.  I am still more excited than nervous.  I think.



Some friends of mine got remarried last night.  It is such an amazing display of God’s mercy and grace; His restorative nature.  It was wonderful!  Another really cool thing about this was that I got to take photos for them.  I am so excited that I got to do something for them.  I was a little nervous, but I think I did ok.  I wonder if I will ever do another one.  I’ve always liked photography, but maybe I should consider digging into it deeper.

I am well on my way to becoming a wonderful hippie!


I breastfed my child til he was almost two and loved it.  I carried him in a sling til I couldn’t any more.  I have just made my first batch of laundry soap and I am in the middle baking my first loaf of bread in our hand-me-down bread maker.  I’m growing some herbs (yes legal ones. LOL basil, mint, rosemary, etc).  Now I just need to use them.  I have made some mint tea and just added mint with a very small amount of sugar in some water.  It was very nice.  I have started collecting wine and other glass bottles so that I can try my hand at cutting glass for repurposing (candles, possibly using them in the design of our future house).  The very latest and most exciting/terrifying adventure is transitioning from school-at-home style of homeschooling toa much more relaxed approach that is working very well!