Better Late then Never


It has taken me two freakin days to get my password straight. sheeesh!

This week we want to… intentionally ‘strew’ more stuff around the house. I actually cleaned off my dining room table, well, then got my sewing kit and machine out. So I guess will have to put it somewhere else. I did reposition a little kids table in the dining room, so he passes it frequently

The kid is…still very excited about Moshi monsters. It really is fun to see him learning so much math-adding and place values. He has also adapted his new card game a little from my attempt to teach him how to play Rummy. His new card game is pretty cool in it’s original form. Seperate red cards from black, minus face cards. Each person picks up 3 cards. (here’s the cool part) You have to add the three cards and the person who has the highest number gets to discard those three and get three more. So he’s learning less than/greater than and adding. I quickly remembered that when we first started homeschooling, he wanted to add three numbers, and I thought it was strange, but interesting.

I am learning…how to make a headband. I really liked how my first one turned out and I’m planning on getting more fabric tomorrow so I can make and sell some. Football season is about to start and a friend of mine suggested last night that I make some with houndstooth fabric. For those of you that may not be into college football, ‘Bear’ Bryant was a legend of a coach for the University of Alabama. He always wore a houndstooth hat and now you can see houndstooth everywhere.

I am struggling with… self confidence. I have had some problems with how I feel people are perceiving me, whether they like me or not. I’ve felt awkward around women from my old cover school. It’s just been weird. This new cover school doesn’t have co-ops, so the opportunities for us to hang out with other families isn’t quite as easy as it was before.

This week is the first time… I met some new homeschoolers that are part of our cover school. We seemed to get along ok. Joseph showed out some, but she seems to be ok. That is actually part of the source for the above mentioned feelings.

So, there ya go. The week in a nutshell. Here is the link to the original ICU


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