What a nice day.


I got a huge dose of Volkswagen love today. We got to go to the annual VW show. Oh my goodness! I so wish I would have brought my camera. It was really cool sharing this love with my husband, and to a lesser degree my son. Joseph was much more interested in going to the water than looking at cars. It was very hot, so I don’t really blame him. Maybe we should have gone to the water first, but I was afraid that some of the cars would be gone by the time we got to the cars. I did get a great shot of the apparently elusive ‘car cooler’, aka swamp cooler. I have been trying to describe this thing to Dave and another friend of ours for a few weeks. We have considered buying an old bug and they both asked me what I would do in the middle of Alabama’s sweltering summers. That’s when I started trying to describe this thing. I googled everything I could think of to find it, but to no avail. I felt like I was losing my mind, or thought they thought so. I feel vindicated or validated or something, now that I’ve found one and photographed it. I’ve sent the picture to the friend and Dave was with me, so he saw it with his own eyes.

car cooler on VW bug


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