Wow. A year, really?


I just realized that almost a year has gone by since I last wrote here. That’s just sad. A lot has happened in that time. I’ve gotten two rescue chickens. I’ve added 10 chicks, which was a real handful. Then I fostered 25 more for a friend until my back was about broken in half from bending over to pick them up and move them to clean their area. I have survived introducing the 10 pullets (adolescent female) chickens to the established two adults. More recently I have grieved the lost of two of the pullets, one a couple of months ago to an unknown predator, and definitely the most painful was one of the original rescues. Speculations abound from raccoon or possum to hawk, only to be confirmed with the placing of a trap. A small raccoon was found in the trap looking up at me oh so pitifully. There was much debate as to what to do with said raccoon. It will remain a mystery here.

My remaining 8 young ladies and 1 older lady are doing well, relatively. The older is at the moment in a cage stinking up my dining room. We are trying to determine if she has an upper respiratory infection. I’m leaning towards not, since she has been doing this for a long time and no one else has gotten anything.

So there have been a slew of other things pop up in the past month or two.

I’ve started working on a consultant basis for my former employer helping with marketing. Lots of time on the computer. I have become an activities coordinator for our cover school. It’s pretty cool cause I get to plan things that we will like to do and other families with like minded, generally same age group kids will come with us.

And now the doozy. We are pondering international adoption. =O I am so overwhelmed, but oh so in love. Maybe it’s just like, or infatuation. I’m not sure yet. A friend has just come home with her new son from Ukraine. While they were in country, a group of five Ukrainian orphans and their directory came over here for three weeks. We have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with them. They came over to see the chickens one day. We had a blast! They loved the chickens, picking them up and carrying them all over the place. We also colored and painted fingernails and the boys went outside and did whatever boys do. Later in the week, they held a birthday party for the kids at the host home. That was wonderful to see these kids get gifts and be celebrated like never before. Hurts my heart to think that they won’t be able to take most of it back with them. They came to our church this past Sunday and we went to a park for a picnic afterwards. It was wonderful to get to know them a bit more, as well as the host family. Tonight we will go to the host family’s house for a going away party. They leave tomorrow. My heart is heavy that I may not see them again. My mind wonders if I might see them (or at least some of them) again in one way or another. Plans are being made to have a camp in Ukraine next year, so maybe we can go there and minister to them.

I just hope that WE can hear God clearly and know His direction. No. I know we will hear him clearly and know his direction because we are praying for that. He is for us and not against us. I must remind myself of this daily. Some times moment by moment


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