I am a child of the King!  He has saved me from hell and death, but he has also is saving me from myself.  I’m the mom of a 7 yr old boy that I am helping to discover his gifts, talents and passions. I’ve been married to my soul mate for almost 9 yrs.  He really does complete me.

I love soaking in the Presence of the Lord,  Volkswagen Bugs (the older, the better), antiques-especially baskets, quilts, and other ‘primitive’ stuff, just about anything Russian, playing the flute (don’t do it as often as I should or would like), reading (Francine Rivers lately), painting occasionally, journalling, Rottweilers (really just about any dog, but Rotties are my favorite) and Butterfiles.

The last two are special because they help identify me. God showed me once that  I am both a Rottweiler and a butterfly.  If you don’t know one, Rotties are generally very smart, clowns, very loyal, and very stubborn.  Butterflies are beautiful, fragile, graceful, represent change (as in improvement).  If you think saying those things makes me arrogant, I’m sorry.  Take it up with my Papa, creator God.  He’s the one that said it.  I’m just finally believing it after almost 45 yrs of self condemnation and loathing.  I feel better about myself now than I ever have, well, I do need to lose about 50 lbs.  Oh I am no where near perfect.  I’ll be the first to tell you that.   So, there you have it.  Nicole in a nutshell. 😀


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