This is my list, as it currently stands, of what makes me a hippie.

I extended breastfeeding to almost 2 years, and would have loved to have had the opportunity to be a wet nurse.

I loved baby carrying, wish we had started when he was smaller.

I had a doula for my son’s birth. I will have one with the next birth, whenever that pregnancy comes. It will just be a DIFFERENT individual than the first. Long story I don’t feel like going into now.

recyclying – plastic & paper currently. I have started collecting glass bottles to reuse, repurpose.

I just made my first batch of laundry soap

I want to have a veggie garden. I already have some herbs that have survived the insane Alabama summer. I feel pretty proud of that fact.

I am starting to think about owning farm animals. Dave and I both have thought about getting some chickens and a cow. Dave also wants to get some honey bees.

Along those same lines, I would rather eat organic, if I could afford it. Hence the garden, chickens and cow.

I am seriously considering a earth sheltered house.

As I research the hobbit house thing, I am getting closer and closer to the whole ‘off grid’ concept.

Oh I also catch faucet water that would otherwise go down the drain while the water heats up. I use it for my drinking water and to water my plants, actually just about any reason I need water. I love my neighbor’s idea of catching rain water for their garden.

I also love the idea of composting. Once we have the garden, I will have a reason to compost.

Ok. That’s it for now. I will add as it comes to me.


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