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It’s been a foodie kinda day.


First I tried out a recipe that I found on . It just screamed FOOTBALL FOOD! It was really good. I thought that 1/2 cup of hot sauce was going to be too much, so I didn’t put much in it. I ended up added a lot more to it when I was about to eat it. OH MY GOSH! I just put it on Ritz crackers (a suggestion of my little foodie helper). Pretty good suggestion. Here’s the link for the recipe

Oh and make sure you have a good ole coke or sweet tea ready. I really needed it, not so much for the heat, but just one of those foods that really wants a coke with it. You know, kinda like a pizza. Hard to eat one without the other.

Then later, well, now actually, I am preparing to can tomato sauce for the first time. I am also going to roast some tomatoes. I’m excited. it’s fun. I actually have my laptop on the counter. ((yes, away from the water)). The cookie sheet of cut up tomatoes has just gone in the oven (175 degrees, supposed to be in there for 48 hrs!). I’ve boiled a bunch just long enough for the skins to split. Then I’ve put them in cold water. The skin just peels right off. I know I don’t have to peel them for spagetti sauce, but neither of us really like the peel.


New recipes!


It’s fun to try new stuff. I made salmon patties for the first time. I just used the recipe on the can of salmon, with some slight changes. onion powder instead of chopped onions and no chopped bell peppers cause they give me hearburn and I didn’t have any anyway.

They were pretty good, but I wanted a sauce to go with it. so I googled sauces, looked at several, then went into the kitchen. I combined several different recipes. mayo, a bit of milk, garlic, dill pickle relish, and cheyenne pepper. What a weird combination, but man was it good!