The Boy and his bike


Well, today he decided he wanted to learn how to ride his bike. WOOHOO! No training wheels, so it is interesting, but I think it went well. I hope he sticks with it. He wobbled and started to get irritated, but then calmed down. That by itself is amazing. He is SO his mother’s child. 😉 I just LOVE raising myself. He did start to get the hang of the whole balancing thing, which was super cool. We had a bit of a conversation, then I asked, ” Do you just want me to shut up and get out of your way?” and he said yes. LOL I love my kid.


Wow. A year, really?


I just realized that almost a year has gone by since I last wrote here. That’s just sad. A lot has happened in that time. I’ve gotten two rescue chickens. I’ve added 10 chicks, which was a real handful. Then I fostered 25 more for a friend until my back was about broken in half from bending over to pick them up and move them to clean their area. I have survived introducing the 10 pullets (adolescent female) chickens to the established two adults. More recently I have grieved the lost of two of the pullets, one a couple of months ago to an unknown predator, and definitely the most painful was one of the original rescues. Speculations abound from raccoon or possum to hawk, only to be confirmed with the placing of a trap. A small raccoon was found in the trap looking up at me oh so pitifully. There was much debate as to what to do with said raccoon. It will remain a mystery here.

My remaining 8 young ladies and 1 older lady are doing well, relatively. The older is at the moment in a cage stinking up my dining room. We are trying to determine if she has an upper respiratory infection. I’m leaning towards not, since she has been doing this for a long time and no one else has gotten anything.

So there have been a slew of other things pop up in the past month or two.

I’ve started working on a consultant basis for my former employer helping with marketing. Lots of time on the computer. I have become an activities coordinator for our cover school. It’s pretty cool cause I get to plan things that we will like to do and other families with like minded, generally same age group kids will come with us.

And now the doozy. We are pondering international adoption. =O I am so overwhelmed, but oh so in love. Maybe it’s just like, or infatuation. I’m not sure yet. A friend has just come home with her new son from Ukraine. While they were in country, a group of five Ukrainian orphans and their directory came over here for three weeks. We have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with them. They came over to see the chickens one day. We had a blast! They loved the chickens, picking them up and carrying them all over the place. We also colored and painted fingernails and the boys went outside and did whatever boys do. Later in the week, they held a birthday party for the kids at the host home. That was wonderful to see these kids get gifts and be celebrated like never before. Hurts my heart to think that they won’t be able to take most of it back with them. They came to our church this past Sunday and we went to a park for a picnic afterwards. It was wonderful to get to know them a bit more, as well as the host family. Tonight we will go to the host family’s house for a going away party. They leave tomorrow. My heart is heavy that I may not see them again. My mind wonders if I might see them (or at least some of them) again in one way or another. Plans are being made to have a camp in Ukraine next year, so maybe we can go there and minister to them.

I just hope that WE can hear God clearly and know His direction. No. I know we will hear him clearly and know his direction because we are praying for that. He is for us and not against us. I must remind myself of this daily. Some times moment by moment


Be Joyful in Hope

We have some new friends, over at  that have adopted 3 Ukrainian orphans and host some others occasionally.  There are 5 here right now.  Last Monday they came over and played with the chickens, colored, painted toe nails and fingernails, just played and had lunch.  It was amazing!  Saturday night we went to their house for a birthday party for the orphans.  We made new friends and the children have really stolen my heart.  Dave and I are considering how God may ask us to be involved.
In other news, at least one of our young girls has started laying eggs.  They are just the cutest little things.  very dark brown and smooth, nice hard shell and a beautiful almost orange yolk.  
Just a little while ago, Joseph and I were watching Ratatouille and he decided he wanted to cook something with me.  He wanted to create something with me in the kitchen.  So we went into the kitchen, found some ingredients and spices and threw them together.  I truly had no idea how it was going to turn out.  It was lots of fun and it turned out to be really good.  Now he is wanting to make ‘some kind of salad, but that isn’t a regular kind of salad’.  I have NO IDEA what that’s gonna be, since we have very little in the house, but it’s going to be fun trying. 

It’s been a foodie kinda day.


First I tried out a recipe that I found on . It just screamed FOOTBALL FOOD! It was really good. I thought that 1/2 cup of hot sauce was going to be too much, so I didn’t put much in it. I ended up added a lot more to it when I was about to eat it. OH MY GOSH! I just put it on Ritz crackers (a suggestion of my little foodie helper). Pretty good suggestion. Here’s the link for the recipe

Oh and make sure you have a good ole coke or sweet tea ready. I really needed it, not so much for the heat, but just one of those foods that really wants a coke with it. You know, kinda like a pizza. Hard to eat one without the other.

Then later, well, now actually, I am preparing to can tomato sauce for the first time. I am also going to roast some tomatoes. I’m excited. it’s fun. I actually have my laptop on the counter. ((yes, away from the water)). The cookie sheet of cut up tomatoes has just gone in the oven (175 degrees, supposed to be in there for 48 hrs!). I’ve boiled a bunch just long enough for the skins to split. Then I’ve put them in cold water. The skin just peels right off. I know I don’t have to peel them for spagetti sauce, but neither of us really like the peel.

New recipes!


It’s fun to try new stuff. I made salmon patties for the first time. I just used the recipe on the can of salmon, with some slight changes. onion powder instead of chopped onions and no chopped bell peppers cause they give me hearburn and I didn’t have any anyway.

They were pretty good, but I wanted a sauce to go with it. so I googled sauces, looked at several, then went into the kitchen. I combined several different recipes. mayo, a bit of milk, garlic, dill pickle relish, and cheyenne pepper. What a weird combination, but man was it good!

Intensive Care for Unschoolers



Wow! I’m so late, I’m almost on time for this week. That’s sad, but I guess better late than never.

This week we want to…”

We planned to go to our first science co-op with a few friends this afternoon. There are a couple of things in the way at the moment. A sinus infection (me) and a lot of rain. I’m actually feeling a little better and the mom who is hosting said we all could just come hang out in her house. So we might still get to do it.

Also want to get some canning done this week. Tomatoes first. This is new, but I’m feeling adventurous.

The kids are…”

He has really been stuck on Ben10 Alien Force cames on He’s not only playing them, but he can create them too. It’s really fun seeing him so excited. Last night dh asked, ‘so do you think he’s learning anything on there?” I said, “YEAH!” He may not be learning what someone in Academia would say he needs to learning, but he sure is learning. The other day we were getting ready to leave for a playdate and I told him we had to be there at 1:00. That meant we had to finish getting dressed, eat some lunch, and drive there in 30 minutes. He shot back at me (and I do mean SHOT, as in rapid fire machine gun fire),”that’s 15 and 15. that’s how many minutes it’s gonna take. That makes 30.” It took me a minute to decypher what he had just wizzed at me, then I responded, yeah, that’s right. The wheels turning like a wind turbine in Kansas, he then let go (in rapid fire) 19 and 11, 18 and 12, 17 and 13, 16 and 14, and 15 and 15 all make 30 minutes!” After I picked my jaw up off the floor, formed a smile, and agreed. He knocked me back on the floor with, “God told me all that last night while I couldn’t sleep” !!! Now this wasn’t the first time this happened. About a week ago another math fact, that now eludes my brain, came wizzing out of my child that I knew I didn’t teach him and he informed me that God told him that the night before ~ when he couldn’t sleep. again. Now philosophically, I totally agree with this. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is our teacher. Stands to reason He’s gonna teach my child what he needs to know.

“I am learning….”

How to can veggies(spagetti sauce first, since we use a lot of it), then maybe corn. It’s been 30 years since I’ve shucked a bushel of corn. I have mixed feelings about that endeavor. LOL I would of course enlist some help.

I’m also about to embark on what feels like a huge undertaking. Maybe someone who has been here can help me. I got a prophecy about 2-3 yrs ago that I was going to write a book from my journal entries. I thought that was cool. Thought about it every once in a while as I wrote, but nothing serious. Well, about 2 weeks ago I got another prophecy (both of these were from people that don’t know me very well) saying the same thing. So it’s been on my mind recently to start gathering some of those journal entries. I also wondered about getting a book to help me gather my thoughts and get a plan.

“I am struggling with…”

Getting of this sinus infection. It really kicked my butt. I was starting to think I had the flu. I’ve never been so drained from a stinking sinus infection. The steriod shot and antibotics have already started helping. Thank you God.

“This week is the first time….”

Well, last week was the first time I made no cook pickles. The turned out pretty good, and I learned some things.

“I am grateful…”

I’m grateful for being in such a good place, spiritually and emotionally lately. I’ve been having really good quiet time with the Lord. My latest financial endeavor has been going pretty well. I’m taking life a little more in stride, in general any way.

When I was a child, I wanted to be ________ when I grew up

I wanted to be an architect, but my self esteem and confidence were so damaged from my early public school experiences, I thought there was absolutely no way I could do all the math. God has such a great sense of humor and of justice. It seems that I have been and will be designing our new house. BAHAHA! I love my God. HE ROCKS!

and since this is for this week and last week…

My favorite season is_____________because…

Fall. The coolness, the colors of the leaves, the football, Thanksgiving.

Shopping for DooLollies by Nicole


Here is my new business venture that I would like to share with you all.  I am so excited!  I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

Some of you that are Facebook friends of mine, may know about this already.  Forgive me for the overlap.  Please spread the word.  I can adjust them to fit smaller or larger.  I will do my best to offer other teams, where available.  Well, maybe not Tennessee (just kidding).  I also made one that was spread out much further for my sister.  She wanted to try to use it in the operating room, but it wasn’t quite long enough.

Cyber-talk to you soon,